Thai law recognizes four procedures which result in the dissolution of marriage: divorce by mutual consent, a divorce in Court, the death of one spouse, and cancellation of the marriage by a Court.

At Udon Thani divorce is done either by mutual agreement between spouses or in Court (As well as all other provinces of Thailand). The principles are the same in both cases:

1. It is a legal dissolution of the marriage

2. There is a separation of the personal and common property of the spouses.

3. There must be a decision made related to the children of the spouses.

DivorceThailand recognizes that some assets are defined as personal property (Sin Suan Tua) or Common Property (Sin Somros). In a divorce by mutual consent, you are able to decide in whatever way you would want to divide the property. In Court, a judge will normally separate common property 50-50 between the spouses. The Court will grant parental powers and custody of the child(ren) according to the evidence in front of the Court and by what is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Should you wish to get a divorce, either by mutual consent or in Court. We highly recommend you consult a Law firm that can communicate with you in a language that you understand. A divorce is a difficult period in anyone’s life, and you will be better served to understand the legal process and all aspects related to a divorce.

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