A Prenuptial Udon Thani contract (or marriage contract) is a contract between the two future spouses whose aim is to secure the assets of each party and to define the conditions in case of separation (divorce) or death. This avoids doubts and disputes in case of a decision of the court for the distribution of the assets.

Even though nowadays one marries for love rather than interest, more and more couples are separated or divorced. In some cases, divorce can have serious financial consequences. A prenuptial Udon Thani contract defines the rules for sharing family property, home, company, pension etc. This type of contract is recognized in most countries of the world including Thailand, provided of course to respect the laws of each country.

Prenuptial Thailand
Prenuptial Udon Thani (Udon Lawyers)

The Prenuptial Udon Thani contract is frequently used when one of the two spouses has before the marriage a substantial asset (eg : real estate) or the management of a family company. In Thailand it is therefore quite possible to establish a prenuptial contract. If, for example, you are a foreigner and your spouse is a Thai national. This contract can protect the assets that you have in your home country or that you bring to Thailand.

A prenuptial contract in Thailand must comply with local laws as the contract could be considered as null. Be careful not to confuse the prenuptial contract (established before the marriage) and the post-marital contract (established after the marriage).

The Prenuptial Udon Thani contract is a legal contract, drawn up by a notary or a lawyer. In order to be valid it must be signed before the marriage by both spouses. In Thailand most foreigners are unfamiliar with the laws and the prenuptial contract can be a very useful protection at a lower cost compared to what might cost litigation in court, with the risk of having an unfavorable decision and to lose everything.

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