Buying legal documents and contracts online in Thailand

Different countries, different laws, different rules. When you deal with distant lands, like Thailand, it is very important to get reliable and useful information and services on any purchase, business or relationship you have in mind. And you are lucky, as there are online database (like, or, for instance) that can offer you quick and complete answers to your questions concerning family, property or corporate law in Thailand. An not only can they give you the right answers, but they can also provide a wide range of forms and contracts online, they can get you professional representation and they can even translate your documents into/from English (don’t forget that if you plan to relocate or do business in Thailand, every document you sign must be in both Thai and English!) and help you find a notary nearby to have them legalized.

These sites are easy to use, helping you fulfill all the Thai legal requirements, even if you are thousands of miles away, as they have integrated the latest technologies, so you can spare time and money by using Skype and secure electronic online payment systems.

First of all, these online services are much cheaper than the traditional way, which involves going to a law firm, having the papers drawn up and paying the whole custom cost. By downloading the contract templates, you only pay a fraction of the normal fee.

Then, there is an important time economy, as by accessing these online services, you just click, choose, type your personal data and print the complete, fully legal contract, which will be prepared for the final signature in less than one hour. Don’t be afraid, you will be assisted all way long by some step-by-step instructions, provided with the package you buy, and moreover, should you still have questions or puzzles, or if you need further information on some particular aspects, a professional staff will give you quick feedback.